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I was born and raised in Ohio, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in 2006 from The Ohio State University. I decided to move to the South West after an opportunity to transfer with my job at the time.  After coming to the realization that retail wasn't my calling, I decided to go back to school in a field that sparked my curiosity and is deeply meaningful.  I graduated with a M.A in Mental Health Counseling in 2012 from Argosy University. After living in the desert heat a number of years, I decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. I've lived in Whatcom County for over a decade and made this beautiful place my home.  I have over a decade of experience working for DSHS, mainly supporting people with dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and serious mental illness. Since I am still employed with the Developmental Disabilities Administration, I cannot provide therapy for anyone who is a current client or immediate family member with DDA. I've also worked in community mental health as a Crisis Clinician, and as an associate counselor in a community health clinic. I've been in private practice for nearly 5 years, where I've enjoyed running my part-time practice.

Outside of work I enjoy a variety pastimes that renew my energy, including watching or reading anything Sci/Fi or Fantasy related, taking a nice moderate hike or hanging with my cats and my very high energy dog. Gardens are my happy place, and I spend as much time as possible making mine full of flowers and veggies.

About : About Me
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